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Averell  - Damson Gin Liqueur <span>(750ml)</span> <span>(750ml)</span>

Averell - Damson Gin Liqueur (750ml)

Varietal: Cordials & Liqueurs | Country: United States | Size: 750ml
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The Damson plum, an ancient fruit, was introduced throughout Europe by the Crusaders and brought to American shores by early New World settlers. Over time, these small, crimson plums have become rare, losing popularity to larger and sweeter varieties. However, the Damson is the spiciest and most tart of all plums, making it a prized ingredient for culinary enthusiasts. During New York State’s Fall Damson harvest, the plums are barrel pressed to extract the juice along with the rich color of the skins, and then united with a small-batch American gin. The resulting spirit offers sweet aromas of berry, plum and spice that lead to a tart, full flavored palate. Rich, concentrated notes of fresh fruit linger on the finish.

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